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Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Lash Extensions are taking the beauty world by storm, thanks to women all over the globe seeking out this luxurious beauty service. That's why LASHMOPOLITAN | Lash + Brow Studio, is dedicated to giving you the '411,' on how to get the very most out of your eyelash extension experiences.

1. Do Your Research

Let's be honest, there might be just as many lash artists', as there are women seeking their services. So it is incredibly important to research your potential lash artist wisely! Aside from having beautiful work, what other credentials makes this person qualified to apply individual eyelash extensions to your natural lashes? Have you checked their social feeds and website portfolio? Depending on your provincial/state board regulations, there may be some key components you need to look out for or address, before making the commitment to receive eyelash extensions.

Don't be afraid to ask your lash artists the tough questions, if they're experienced professionals they will be more than happy and open to address your questions/concerns.

Possible Questions to Ask Before Booking:

  • Are you a trained/certified/licensed professional?

  • Do you have proof of your certifications?

  • Are you insured?

  • How long have you been a lash/brow artist?

  • Do you update your educational training regularly?

  • Are you a home based or commercial salon?

  • What types of products do you use? Are they Health Canada/FDA approved?

  • When was the last time you sanitized your work space? How often do you sanitize your tools?

2. Book a Consultation

Now this is especially important if you are new to the service or the a specific lash studio. Consultations allow you one-on-one time with a trained professional. They help to identify your specific needs and create an opportunity to build a level of trust between yourself and the artist. Use this time to pick the lash artists' brain, double check for cleanliness, and feel out the overall vibe. If you love it, go ahead and book the appointment!

3. Review the Salon/Artists' Terms + Conditions

However before you book, head on over to the artists' website and have a look at the salon policies. Make sure you fully understand terms and conditions that you are agreeing to upon booking an appointment. Does the lash company require a deposit? If so, is it refundable or not? If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment are you able to? What are the penalties for No Shows/Lateness? Should you experience dissatisfaction or a reaction, is there a service guarantee? These are all important things to consider before you book your lash appointment.

4. Arrive to your Appointment with Clean Makeup-Free Skin and Lashes

This is major! You've booked your lash appointment, now what do you do? Relax, there's no reason to stress! Remember you researched this person thoroughly so you can be confident in your decision. Just arrive to your appointment on time, with clean makeup-free skin and lashes. This will help to ensure the retention and longevity of your lash extensions. Making your overall eyelash extension experience that much better!

5. Formulate a Strategic Aftercare Routine

'So Obsessed Right?!' That is amazing, however in order to keep your lashes looking 'first day fresh' you'll need to establish some aftercare ground rules; to maintain the look and health of your lash extensions. Don't worry, your lash artist should provide some material for you to go home with and should have aftercare retail for purchase.

6. Plan Like a Lash Pro

You're officially apart of the #LashAddicts crew, and all of our Pro Lash Clients know that, in order to avoid 'Getting Ready,' you have to 'Stay Ready,' if you know what I mean. Oh, and if you don't know what I mean, I'm talking about pre-booking your next 2-3 lash touch-ups in advance, at the end of your appointment. This is to ensure that your lash extensions are looking their best and so that your natural lash integrity is being properly maintained.


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