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Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Lash Extensions are a luxury beauty treatment, that have been giving women who obsess over the beauty industry, their groove back. Finally, the days of wasting hundreds dollars on messy mascara, and countless hours curling lashes are things of the past. Now women every where can achieve fabulously flawless looking eyelashes minus the hassle.


1. Lash Extensions are NOT "One Size Fits All!"

Now more than ever women want to feel empowered and inclusive in all of the decisions they make, especially as it pertains to beauty. With the help of a trained professional, eyelash extensions give women the power to choose. Clients are able to specifically customize, a variety of components in their eyelash designs such as: length, weight, density, color, sheen, and styling. You can even choose what style of lash extensions you prefer; classic lashes, volume lashes, or a mix of both (hybrid lashes).

2. Simplifies Your Beauty Routine

Strip lashes, mascara, and eyelash curlers can add about 20-30 mins to your everyday morning routine. With lash extensions you're able to save time, by being able to literally get up and go, feeling fabulous and refreshed. Plus, we all lead busy lives. So an added benefit of getting lash extensions, is the guaranteed rest and relaxation once a month.

3. Adds a Subtle (or Bold) Touch of Glamour!

Who doesn't want to look and feel like a celebrity when you're busy running around in your ordinary, everyday life right? Feel pampered, put together, powerful, and confident anywhere you go with eyelash extensions!

4. The 'Must Have' Vacation Accessory

Vacations are all about making the most of your time in your new destination! The last thing you want to do on vacation, is spend hours getting ready to sight see and explore. Be selfie ready with eyelash extensions that are sure to pop on any camera!

5. Ideal for Weddings and Bridal Photography

Say bye, bye to raccoon eyes on the big day! Lash extensions are 100% waterproof, allowing you to feel secure enough to live in the moment, during all your big moments and special occasions.


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