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  • Cleanse your lashes daily, with a soft eyeshadow brush and a gentle eyelash extension cleanser.

  • ​​Brush your lashes daily to keep your lashes looking flawless, as well as remove any fallout from shedding or outgrown lashes. 

  • ​OILY SKIN TYPES: Gently wipe your eyelids with blotting sheet to prevent oil from travelling down into the lash line .

  • Invest in a silk pillow case to protect extensions from tugging and premature shedding. 

  • ​Do book touch-ups every 2-3 weeks (21 days) to maintain the look and health of your natural lashes. Our natural lashes shed daily based on our growth cycle. So it is perfectly normal to lose 1 - 5 lashes a day.


  • ​Do Not put mascara on your lashes! Avoid waterproof eyeliner.

  • Do Not sleep directly on your lashes! Try alternating from side to side, and on your back, or invest in silk pillow case.

  • ​Do Not pick or pull your lashes. This can cause irreversible damage to your natural lashes.

  • Do Not use oil based products directly on or around your eyelash extensions  (makeup, eye creams, serums, lotions, etc.) 


  • ​Do Not excessively rub your eyes or lashes. 

  • ​​Do Not use perm, tint, or use manual lash curlers while wearing lash extensions. 

  • Avoid Extreme Heat such as: ovens, blow-dryers, lighters, and BBQ's as these all can distort and damage your lashes.


  • Avoid extreme heat treatments such as; very hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms, sunbathing (including sun beds or any other exposure to UV light) for 24 hours.


  • Avoid exercise or any excessive sweat for 24 hours.​

  • No swimming  of any form is permitted up to 24 hours after your appointment. 


  • Do not apply any perfumed products to the waxed  or threaded area for 24 hours.


  • Always cleanse your hands before scratching or touching the  waxed or threaded area.


  • Avoid the use of make-up on the waxed or threaded area for 24 hours apart from mineral make-up or specialist post-treatment products.


  • Do not apply self-tanning products to the area for 24 hours. Self-tanning products may alter the tint colour, so we recommend using these with caution around your brows at all in between tinting treatments.


  • The use of harsh make-up cleansers and removers, could prematurely reduce the effects of brow tint.  Avoid the use of such products at all in between treatments to prolong the colour retention of your tint.


  • Avoid oil based products directly on or around your brows directly after your brow tint appointment.

  • Do not pluck or tweeze in-between appointments and strategically schedule your next appointment. 


Like all lash services lash lifts last their best with proper upkeep. The beauty of lash lifts though, are that there is little to no maintenance required after the first 24hrs. 

  • Refrain from getting the lashes wet for 24hrs (this includes heavy sweating and steam) to ensure the curl is set and maintained. 


  • Avoid sleeping with your face directly down on the pillow, during the first 24hrs as the lashes are still vulnerable to movement.

  • Book your re-lift every 5-6 weeks for perfectly lifted lashes.

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